Israel's wartime cabinet has given the go-ahead for continuing talks to reach a new ceasefire in Gaza, AFP reported, citing local media.

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The war between Israel and Hamas 1583

A delegation will soon travel to Qatar to continue the discussions held in recent days in Paris with the aim of a new Gaza ceasefire agreement, combined with a new release of hostages held in the enclave by Hamas.

For the conclusion of the agreement, Israel sets as a precondition the release of the hostages, starting with all the women, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's national security adviser Tzachi Hanegbi.

"Such an agreement does not mean the end of the war," he warned on Israel's An 12 television.

Hamas wants a complete ceasefire and the withdrawal of the Israeli military from Gaza.

According to Hamas sources, the plan discussed in January called for a six-week pause in the fighting and the release of 200 to 300 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for 35 to 40 hostages.

Netanyahu presented first official post-war plan for Gaza

 There are believed to be around 100 hostages alive in Gaza.

Another 30 are suspected of having died there.

The Israeli prime minister said yesterday that he will convene the government early next week to approve the operational plan of action for the city of Rafah, including the evacuation of the civilian population.

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The war between Israel and Hamas

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