Vladimir Putin allegedly flew a Tu-160M ​​strategic bomber.

It could be an informational message in order to conduct an election campaign.

This was told by the reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, pilot-instructor and military expert Roman Svitan to Channel 24.

"This is some kind of Putin-like creature. There are many of them. Doppelgangers, triplets, "extenders", that is, it all depends on the task. This is such a creature, it was driven around, carried around. They told that it was Putin. Yes, please - them it's easier to see which one of them," he notes.

Nothing new

As the expert notes, the "president of the Russian Federation" flew on the Tu-160 for half an hour.

This is an old Soviet plane, the so-called "white swan".

At one time we had enough of them, they were manufactured in Poltava.

Now the dictator wants to show it as a new achievement.

"It's a little unclear why, but most likely it was an informational message in the order of the election campaign, nothing more. He used to fly with the jacks. It is not clear where those jacks went, but they are still cursing. Now the pilots who had to carry this putty-like creature from a suitcase, because he needs to take it with him somewhere even for half an hour," says the pilot-instructor.

According to Svitan, no one will be interested in this informative message.

And it is unlikely that the Kremlin is trying to block the achievements of our Air Force - shooting down Russian planes.

"Russians don't know that planes crash. This is a general flow in the information section of the election campaign, holding events within its limits. There are a few weeks left before the re-election - rewriting Putin for Putin," he concluded.

It will be recalled that Russian President Vladimir Putin flew a modernized Tu-160M ​​strategic bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

The dictator is probably sending a signal to the West as a reminder of Moscow's nuclear potential