The student had gone missing on 13 February.

New Delhi:

A child missing from Kota in Rajasthan, known for competitive engineering and medical examinations, has been found.

This student had gone missing 11 days ago and has been found in Himachal Pradesh.

Actually, the 17-year-old student who went missing from his hostel in Kota on February 13 was preparing for the JEE competitive exam.

After an intensive search for so many days, the police found this student in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. 

Piyush, a resident of Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, was living in a hostel in Indra Vihar, Kota for the last two years to prepare for the IIT-JEE exam.

His disappearance had increased concern among family members and officials.

Because of this, a rapid response was initiated to locate the missing student. 

According to Piyush's father Maheshchand Kapasia, the last time he had contact with Piyush was on the morning of 13 February, when he talked to his mother. 

Police had found important clues in the case

City SP Amrita Duhan, while talking to NDTV on the matter on February 20, had said that the police team has got important clues related to the case and soon they will be successful in finding the student.

The police had also formed a special team to investigate this matter, so that the student could be found as soon as possible.

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