The Fatah spokesman added in statements to Al-Arabiya channel: “We seek to form a technocratic government to provide relief to the Palestinians and rebuild Gaza.” He explained that the priority now is to restore respect to the political track and rebuild Gaza. Osama Hamdan, a leader in Hamas, had announced yesterday, Friday, that The movement reached a consensus with the Palestinian factions to form a government whose mission is to provide relief to the Palestinian people, launch the Gaza reconstruction process, and prepare for Palestinian elections. The Hamas leader called on the World Food Program and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) for not adhering to Israeli procedures and returning to work immediately in northern Gaza. He also criticized Hamdan, Netanyahu’s post-war plan in the Gaza Strip, stressing that Netanyahu is presenting ideas that he fully realizes will not succeed. It is noteworthy that Netanyahu had presented, yesterday, Friday, to the security mini-ministerial council (cabinet), a document of principles related to the “day after” war policy. In the Gaza Strip. The same document includes a set of basic provisions, including the establishment of a security zone in the Gaza Strip adjacent to Israeli towns, and Israel maintaining the southern closure on the border between Gaza and Egypt, while closing UNRWA and replacing it with other international relief agencies. Netanyahu’s document is also based on Handing over leadership of Gaza to non-political and unknown entities that are acceptable to Israel, while allowing the Israeli army freedom of action in Gaza at any time, and monitoring the Egyptian borders from the Israeli army, according to the document.