The Zaporizhya nuclear power plant is the largest of its kind in Europe, and battles have been raging in its vicinity since Russian forces took control of it in March 2022, amid mutual accusations between Kiev and Moscow of endangering its security.

A statement by Grossi said that experts at the International Atomic Energy Agency “stationed at the Zaporizhya station reported hearing explosions daily in the past week, including an explosion late last Friday that appeared to have occurred near the station.”

On Thursday, several explosions were heard, one of which was “unusually strong, indicating that it occurred close to the site.”

The station authorities had indicated that the powerful explosion occurred during a "field training", pointing out that the station had not been subjected to bombing or damage.

The powerful explosions that occurred this week “shaken the windows” at the Zaporizhya plant, and Grossi warned that they highlighted “the urgent need for maximum military restraint to reduce the risk of a nuclear accident.”

The statement pointed out that the explosions, with the exception of the one that occurred on Thursday, could not be determined “conclusively.”

In addition, the agency was informed that a mine exploded on Thursday outside the station.

Grossi expressed his "deep concern" about the safety and security of the station, and said that "our expert reports indicate possible combat action not far from the site."

He urged the provision of backup power supply to the station “as soon as possible.”

The agency's experts have been present in the field to monitor the situation at the station since September 2022, and the six reactors that were producing 20 percent of the electricity generated by Ukraine were closed.