Ukrainian choreographer

Dmytro Dikusar

, who has been fighting at the front since the beginning of the Russian invasion, spoke about his disappointment after two years of full-scale war.

The dancer admitted that he was outraged by the fact that in cities where there are no hostilities, they quickly got used to the realities of today and some behave as if there is no war.

In addition, Dikusara is surprised how Ukrainians can be hostile to the IPSO.

Also, the choreographer was quite disappointed that there were "pseudo-volunteers" in the country, who cheat and profit from the war.

Dmytro Dikusar / Photo:

"There was a certain disappointment among certain people. I knew that eventually everyone would get used to war, but I didn't think it would be so soon. It was disappointing how easily people could be misled and divided on the topic of language, on the topics of "all the commanders are finished" and "they don't give out anything in the Armed Forces, everyone is running with their bare asses"... The hostile IPSO is working, unfortunately! The third disappointment is the work of pseudo-volunteers, which undermined the trust in real volunteers," the choreographer said in an interview

In addition, Dmytro Dikusar is quite indignant that corruption flourishes in the country during the war, especially when it concerns the military, who protect the country from the Russian invaders at the cost of their own lives.

Dmytro Dikusar / Photo:

"The fourth disappointment is some powerful people who decided that now was a very convenient time to steal even more than they had done before. Without allowing the thought that there would be a retribution for this. All this (plus the loss of a huge number of comrades and the fatigue of a long war) made I am very intolerant of "shit-people" and at certain moments very aggressive," the dancer admitted.

However, Dmytro Dikusar shared that there is also something that keeps him in good shape.

According to the choreographer, his fighting spirit is supported by those who continue to believe in victory and do everything possible to speed it up.

Dikusar also added that he will stand to the last in defense of the country in memory of his fallen brothers.

The choreographer added that he would never forget and never forgive the occupiers for the trouble they inflicted on Ukrainian lands.


"A certain number of good and decent people, who tirelessly continue to support the military, believe in our victory (especially in the occupied territories) and pray for our lives, keeps us in good spirits and forces us not to give up! And also keeps the memory of our brothers who gave their life in the struggle for the freedom and existence of the entire Ukrainian nation. And the thirst for revenge against the non-humans who caused so much trouble and disaster on the territory of my country and beyond," the dancer added.

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