Viksit Bharat Viksit Chhattisgarh:

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday, while targeting the opposition party Congress, said that Congress is not able to think beyond nepotism, corruption and appeasement and is not able to think beyond independence. Later he only focused on forming the government but taking the country forward was not on his agenda.

Prime Minister Modi on Saturday inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of 10 development projects worth Rs 34,427 crore in Chhattisgarh through digital medium in the 'Viksit Bharat Viksit Chhattisgarh Sankalp Yatra' program.

PM Modi addressing the Vikas Bharat Vikas Chhattisgarh resolution program

Taking the country forward was not on his agenda: PM Modi

During this, Prime Minister Modi said, "Those who ruled the country for a long time after independence, their thinking was not big.

He kept taking decisions keeping only his political interests in mind for the last five years.

Congress formed the government again and again but forgot to build the India of the future, because all they had in mind was to form the government.

Taking the country forward was not on his agenda.

 ''Even today the condition and direction of Congress politics is the same.

Congress is unable to think beyond nepotism, corruption and appeasement.

Those who work only for their families can never think about your family.

Those who are only busy in making the future of their sons and daughters can never worry about your sons and daughters.

But for Modi, you all are Modi's family, your dreams are Modi's resolve, that is why today I am talking about 'Developed India and Developed Chhattisgarh'.

Narendra Modi

Prime Minister, India

PM reiterated his guarantee

The Prime Minister said that he has guaranteed his hard work and loyalty to 140 crore countrymen.

He said, "In 2014, Modi had guaranteed that the government would be such that every Indian across the world would be proud.

I exerted myself to fulfill this guarantee.

Modi said that he had given a guarantee in 2014 that those who looted the poor would have to return their money and today strict action is being taken against those who loot the money of the poor.

He said, "10 years ago Modi had given another guarantee.

I had said that we will create such an India which our previous generations had dreamed of and cherished with great hope.

Today, look all around, a new India is being built just like the dreams our ancestors had seen.

Had anyone thought 10 years ago that digital payments could be done even in villages?

Had anyone ever thought that a son who had gone out to work would be able to send money to his family in the village in the blink of an eye?

Had anyone ever thought that the BJP government at the Center would send money and immediately a message would come on the mobile of the poor that the money has been deposited.

Today this has become possible.

Taking aim at the Congress, Prime Minister Modi said, "You will remember that a former Prime Minister of the Congress had said for his own government that if he sends one rupee from Delhi, but only 15 paise reaches the village and 85 paise reaches the village. Money disappears on the way.

 “If this was the situation then you can imagine what the situation would have been like.

In the last 10 years, the BJP government has transferred more than Rs 34 lakh crore through direct benefit transfer, i.e. directly from Delhi to your mobile.

Just think, what would have happened if there was a Congress government and there was a tradition of 15 paise.

Out of these Rs 34 lakh crore, Rs 29 lakh crore would have been eaten by the middlemen.

Narendra Modi

Prime Minister, India

He said that today there is a BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) government which has given the poor their rights.

When corruption stops, development plans start and many employment opportunities become available.

During this, he congratulated the people of Chhattisgarh for the development schemes and said that if Chhattisgarh develops then no one can stop India from developing.

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