The occupation forces of Russia shelled more than a dozen front-line settlements

in the Zaporizhzhia

region in the past day.

Shots from artillery systems and mortars.

The most affected were: Gulyaipole, Malynivka, Charivne, Biloghirya and Novodanilivka.

Two airstrikes were immediately carried out on Orikhov.

More than half a dozen racist bombs exploded in the districts of Mala Tokmachka and Novodanilivka.    

At the same time, very high-intensity fighting does not abate directly on the battle line in the Orikhiv-Tokmacki direction.

After five days of continuous enemy assaults, Ukrainian soldiers managed to force the occupiers to withdraw from Robotyny. 

Details are in the story of TSN correspondent Oleksandr Motorny.

Even at night, half a dozen kilometers from the front line - on the Tokmak section of the front, an intense war is now going on.

"Our roads and driveways are being shot at! From time to time. In the morning, it's always an artillery firefight. We haven't heard the Grads yet, nor the KABs! So far, only barrel artillery and mortars," says a soldier with the call sign "Tor".

For about a week, morning artillery firefights have turned into mechanized enemy assaults on a stretch of more than 10 kilometers, from Verbovoy to the western outskirts of Robotyny.

"More than 30 pieces of equipment were arriving, this is what we counted on the streams that the guys saw at night," says a serviceman of the anti-drone unit of the 65th OMBr with the call sign "Chaplain".

Since last year, Ukrainian soldiers knocked out the enemy from Robotyny and wedged themselves into the first positions of the enemy's main defense line northwest of Verbovoy, there has probably not been a single day of silence here.

Attempts by the occupiers to attack, most often by infantry, also occur regularly.

"They lost Robotino a year ago. They were accumulating strength, trying all this year. They didn't just sit like that! They continued all year, tried," - notes the commander of the 56th separate rifle battalion of the 65th OMBr with the call sign "Cat".

The wave of massive enemy assaults that began at the end of last week did not come as a surprise to the Ukrainian military.

"But this was predicted, because recently it was observed that there was a large concentration of forces here. A lot of equipment was brought here. We expected that there would be an offensive," - says "Kapelan".

And the general situation on the front, the soldiers of the 65th Mechanized Division admit, led to that. 

"Avdiivka is over and Robotino is beginning. Because these gaps in the defense are inconvenient for us and inconvenient for them. Either we had to equalize them, which we couldn't do. And now they are doing it - equalizing us," the soldier explains. Torus".

"Tor" remembered Avdiivka for a reason.

On the eve of the first wave of mechanized attacks in the Tokmak direction, the Russians simply bombarded the area around Robotiny with corrected aerial bombs.

The scenario of Avdiivka is being repeated here now!

The Russians break up the roads with KABs.

"There are only more of them! The whole field is full of KABs! And you ask if the KABs have gone somewhere! Here they are," says the soldier. 

The intensity of artillery fire, say soldiers of the 56th separate rifle battalion, increased several times in the hours before the attack.

"I had 24 stores (a device for storing ammunition - ed.) with me. ... They told me that there would be ... So I took all the stores that I had with me ... 22 stores and 15 grenades," says the serviceman of the 56th separate rifle battalion of the 65th OMBr "Fiksyk".

After several days of non-stop fighting, "Fiksik" has just come out of enemy fire intact.

As an infantryman of the 56th battalion says, there are currently no Russians in Robotyn!

On the other hand, he admits, there was nothing left of Robotyny either.

Ruined houses down to the foundations.

Elsewhere, some walls remain - this is what the whole of Robotyne looks like now. 

The main battles are taking place south, south-west and west of the village.

It is from three sides that the occupiers are attacking Robotyne.

But, as of now, the situation, say the Ukrainian military, has stabilized. 

More than two dozen enemy armored vehicles with tanks were burned.

The soldiers of the 65th Mechanized Division admit that they stopped counting the destroyed Muscovites after the first hundred.

About twenty foreigners were captured.

Captured occupiers from the Russian 71st Regiment of the 42nd Motorized Rifle Division.

It was this pack - and also the battalions of the 76th Moscow Airborne Division - that tried to storm Robotine simultaneously from several directions. 

Currently, the Ukrainian soldiers pushed back the Rashists in the direction of Novoprokopivka, south of the village, and forced the enemy to retreat along the T-0408 highway - west of Robotyny.

However, the commander of the Ukrainian 56th separate rifle battalion is convinced that the Russians will climb again.

"They will try to level the front line. This is their main task," says the military "Cat".

Currently, enemy artillery is operating almost non-stop along the entire section from Verbovoy to Robotyn!

"We know that there is a lot of equipment near Tokmak. We lined up in a column. It appeared literally two days ago. We saw it leave two days ago," Tor adds.

It will be recalled that

Kuleba made a loud statement about Ukraine's ability to win the war.