The decision of Ukraine's allies to limit the use of weapons provided by

the Armed Forces

of Ukraine on the territory of the aggressor country of Russia was a mistake and cost a lot. 

This opinion was expressed by the Estonian military commander, the future commander of the Estonian army Andrus Merilo, reports Eesti Rahvusringhäsling.

In his words, from a military point of view, "it was obvious stupidity."

In addition, this position of the Western countries turned against the Ukrainian army.

"The introduction of such a restriction was very expensive, and it is also one of the reasons why Ukraine returned to a defensive position and is trying to repel the Russian counteroffensive," Merilo explained.

Merilo emphasizes that it was also not justified that the restriction was introduced due to fear of the risk of escalation.

That is why, the military leader believes, "this political restriction was absolutely wrong."

It will be recalled that analysts of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW)

 assessed Ukraine's chances of a counteroffensive.

 Yes, delays in Western security assistance are likely to create uncertainty and constraints on these operations. 

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