The People's Deputies made an amendment to the new draft law on mobilization, which allows Ukrainians to legally record the illegal actions of TCC employees on camera.

A member of the Defense Committee of the Council, Oleksandr Fedienko, said this,

reports .

It is noted that citizens will be allowed to use photo and video recording, as well as special software of the Unified State Register of conscripts, conscripts and reservists to record the actions of TCC employees.

In particular, as a result of this, citizens had legislative rights to record illegal actions of TCC employees if necessary.

"I don't understand at all what people in balaclavas and with weapons are doing at checkpoints. Who are they? Recently I was stopped by a guy without any signs, but with a weapon and in a balaclava. An employee of the TCC is the face of the military, they must be in uniform, with signs of identification, chevrons, surname, token

," Fedienko said.

According to him, "the shameful practice of forcefully mobilizing while carrying out the plan must be stopped."

"This definitely does not contribute to the motivation of society

," the deputy summed up.

In addition, the Parliament of Ukraine passed a decision on the dismissal from service of conscripts whose term of service ended during martial law.

When the main mobilization draft law will be adopted, whether conscripts will be demobilized in the near future, how foreigners will serve in the Ukrainian army and why Arakhamia is talking about additional mobilization - in an exclusive TSN.UA.

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