On Thursday, February 22, the period of time that was allocated to the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for making amendments to the scandalous bill on mobilization ended.

The website TSN.ua found out which points of the document were amended and when the updated draft law will be adopted.

Final edits have been made

"Only Thursday was the deadline for submitting all the amendments. The Defense Committee of the Verkhovna Rada has not considered them yet. They concern many controversial issues, for example,

the mobilization of people with disabilities, issues of demobilization, graduate students, and the seizure of bank accounts for those who have not registered to the TCC and SP

. There are a lot of comments from colleagues - up to

one and a half thousand corrections ,"

Ihor Fries

, People's Deputy of Ukraine, head of the subcommittee on the activities of justice bodies, punishment and probation bodies of the VRU committee on legal policy, told the TSN.ua

website .

According to the people's deputy, the defense committee will further consider all comments made to the draft law on mobilization.

"The Defense

Committee must take into account the amendments or reject them

. Only then will it become clear what exactly was supported or rejected in the updated draft law," adds Ihor Fries.

Mobilization in Ukraine / Photo: TSN.ua

What was the most discussed?

Most of the discussions were about issues that concern Ukrainians.

"This is the issue of mobilization of disabled persons of the first and second groups. The issue of deferment from mobilization in connection with the care of a disabled wife. The possibility of a disabled person to independently choose one person from the circle of military service relatives, who has

the opportunity to receive a deferment to provide care for such a person

. Also debatable was the question of postponement for post-graduate students who obtain the third consecutive level of higher education," says Ihor Fries.

Some norms contradict the constitution

People's elected representatives also discussed the issue of demobilization, and how it should be applied and for which category of persons.

And also whether it should be by separate order of the head or by merit.

According to Ihor Fries, all these norms, which are related to the postponement and reservation of a certain category of persons, should be identical and reflected in the grounds for demobilization.

Mobilization in Ukraine / Photo: TSN.ua

"Amendments were made regarding the possible

blocking of bank accounts of natural persons

who have not updated their data from military registration - this

issue is too controversial and contradicts the norms of the constitution

. And also regarding the restriction of the right to carry out consular operations for the category of persons who have not been placed on military registration. Absence of the need for military registration for a certain category of citizens who left for permanent residence abroad, and are not staying there temporarily. By the way, there are a very large number of such Ukrainians," adds Ihor Fries.

According to the people's deputy, parliamentarians worked on the draft law on mobilization for two weeks from morning to night.

In general, this is a Talmud of more than



"There are a huge number of amendments and it is difficult to talk about each one separately. They were also introduced to issues related to

the electronic cabinet of a conscript and electronic summonses

, the granting of police powers to carry out the appropriate check. As well as the need for citizens to obtain and carry military registration documents, in including for citizens who are not subject to mobilization," - notes Ihor Fries.

Mobilization in Ukraine / Photo: TSN.ua

Two options for adoption of the draft law

Now the deputies are waiting for a decision on the amendments made by the defense committee of the parliament, after which the document will be considered for voting in the second reading.

"I think the draft law on mobilization will be submitted to the dome of the parliament sometime in

the first decade of March

. But how long will it take to pass the parliament - there are two options. It is possible that the document can be considered under a special procedure, which is applied to draft laws with more than

500 amendments

, when each a parliamentary faction and a group will be able to make five key amendments to it each. For this, it is necessary to collect

150 signatures

and vote in favor of using this procedure. But, I think that given the public importance of the draft law on mobilization, resonance and public interest in it, most likely , it will be considered for the entire number of amendments. That is, as it once was with the land law," concludes Ihor Fries.

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