Volodymyr Zelenskyi believes that Ukraine has achieved great victories during the 2 years of war, and refused to discuss any "plan B" on the battlefield.

The president of Ukraine said this in an interview with FOX News' main political presenter Bret Baier during a trip to the front line.

"For these two years, they occupied the Kharkiv region - and now we are in this region. We unblocked the Black Sea. Now we have their grain routes, etc. And destroyed many of their ships in the Russian fleet. We did this for two years. Yes, the last the year was mostly difficult for us, but ... what was done, I think it was a good job," he emphasized. 

The publication writes that while artillery fire could be heard during the interview, Zelensky highly praised the work of the Ukrainian forces and their incredible achievements.

Zelensky called the capture of Avdiyivka "the only achievement of Moscow" in nine years and months.

We will remind you that we previously reported that Zelensky gave an interview to an American TV presenter near the front line.

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