Vandalism on the territory of the cemetery parks in Razgrad municipality will be punished with a fine of BGN 500 to BGN 5,000.

The sanction is spelled out in the new Ordinance on cemetery parks and funeral rites, adopted at the February session of the local parliament. 

"The lack of a law that regulates the order and conditions of these public relations allows dishonest operators of funeral services to carry out activities not according to the legal order, to abuse the grief of citizens, to create conditions for a monopoly situation and unfair competition", motivated the mayor Dobrin Dobrev during the presentation of the report.

He pointed out that the demolition of monuments, their theft and desecration by unscrupulous citizens is a common phenomenon in cemeteries on the territory of Razgrad municipality.

According to him, these actions remain unpunished, as no clear administrative-penal regulations have been adopted so far to regulate the imposition of sanctions for acts of vandalism.

Minors were arrested for acts of vandalism on the territory of the Central Cemetery in Plovdiv

Section IX of the new ordinance provides for control and imposition of fines for various types of violations.

When the construction and installation of monuments, frames and other permanent grave markers is carried out in violation, the sanction will be from 300 to 500 BGN. In case of violation of the regulations by individuals and legal entities performing mourning and stonework services, the fines will be from 500 BGN respectively up to BGN 1,000 and from BGN 1,000 to BGN 2,000. For natural and legal persons who carry out commercial activities and services for the population on the territory of the cemetery park in violation of the regulations, the sanctions will be from BGN 250 to BGN 500 and from BGN 500 to BGN 1,000. If the grave sites do not meet the requirements, a fine of BGN 50 to BGN 250 will be imposed, and in case of a repeated violation, the sanction will be up to BGN 500.

According to the mayor of the municipality, the ordinance will help achieve better management of cemetery parks, reduce complaints and reports of violations by citizens, as well as the violations themselves, BTA reported.

The aim is also to stop the access of random companies, fraudsters, thieves and resellers offering stonemasonry services, stopping theft and vandalism, as well as ensuring the peace of mind of citizens visiting the cemetery parks.

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