10 de Octubre Thermoelectric Plant, in the municipality of Nuevitas, in Camagüey, on February 25, 2023. ACN PHOTO/Rodolfo BLANCO CUÉ/sdl

Yesterday the service was affected due to a deficit in generation capacity from 11:08 a.m. to 12:21 p.m. (maximum 149 MW) and from 3:17 p.m. to 8:26 p.m. hours of the night.

The maximum impact on the day was 770 MW at 6:40 p.m., coinciding with peak hour.

The availability of the National Electrical System at 07:00 hours is 1950 MW and the demand is 1720 MW, with the entire system with service.

An impact on the average schedule of 250 MW is estimated.

Unit 2 of the CTE Felton is out of service due to a breakdown.

Unit 8 of the Mariel CTE, unit 6 of the Nuevitas CTE and units 1 and 3 of the Santa Cruz CTE are under maintenance.

Limitations in thermal generation, 362 MW.

86 distributed generation plants, the Moa Fuel engines and the Santiago de Cuba lake are out of service due to fuel for a total of 865 MW.

There are 13 plants with low coverage (105 MW).

For the peak, the entry of Distributed Generation engines that are awaiting maintenance is estimated and their use is authorized with 30 MW and the entry of an engine in the Melones basin with 17 MW.

With this forecast,

an availability of 1997 MW and a maximum demand of 2800 MW is estimated for peak hour, for a deficit of 803 MW,

so if the forecast conditions continue, an impact of 873 MW is forecast during this time.

(With information from the Electrical Union)