The Latin American tour of the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergey Lavrov, who previously visited Cuba and Venezuela, and then went to the meeting of G20 ministers in Brazil, turned into problems.

Local fuel suppliers refused to refuel the plane of a Russian government official, who is under US sanctions due to Russian aggression in Ukraine.

As reported by AeroTelegraph, the Brazilian company Vibra Energia refused to refuel Lavrov's government plane — Il-96 with registration number RA-96019 — due to the risk of falling under secondary US sanctions.

These sanctions apply not only to him as an individual, but also to companies that provide him with any services.

As such, fuel suppliers servicing any planes used by Lavrov could face sanctions barring them from doing business with the US, including private US companies.

As a result, Lavrov's flight from Rio de Janeiro, where the summit was taking place, to the Brazilian capital Brasilia, where the Russian minister was planning a meeting with the country's president Lula da Silva, was in danger of being disrupted. 

Without additional refueling, the Russian government Il-76 would not have enough fuel for the flight to Casablanca, Morocco, where it would be refueled again and then fly to Russia via routes that bypass European airspace.

In order not to cancel the meeting, the Brazilian government consulted with the Brazilian Air Force about the availability of jet kerosene at Galeán Air Base, but the military reported that there was not enough.

After the Russian airliner finally refused to refuel, the Brazilian side offered Lavrov to leave his Il-76 in Rio de Janeiro and fly to Brasilia, putting the head of the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, Mauro Vieira, on the plane as a "passenger".

Later, the same plane will return Lavrov to Rio.

In the evening of Thursday, February 22, Russian propagandists reported that the head of the foreign policy department, Serhii Lavrov, still flew to Brasilia.

The details of his wanderings are not reported.

We will remind you that earlier the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov covered the distance from Moscow to the USA by the northern route on the way to New York, flying over unfriendly countries in 12 hours and 45 minutes.