Puerto Guillermón Moncada.

Photo: Archive. 

The authorities of the “Guillermón Moncada” Port regret the death due to asphyxiation last night of three of their workers, when they were preparing to unload a rice ship and were exposed to breathing a toxic gas when entering a sealed and fumigated warehouse, not intended for unloading in this city, according to preliminary information provided by the General Director of the Eastern Port Services Company, Engineer José Álvarez Díaz.

Despite the quick action of their colleagues and rescue teams,

the three stevedores arrived dead at the Dr. Joaquín Castillo Duany Military Hospital, located near the port of Santiago.

The three deceased port workers are named Raiko Calzado Kindelan, Yosbani Paaterson Duany and Roibel Bejerano Hernández.

Once the accident was known, the first secretary of the Party in Santiago de Cuba, Beatriz Johnson Urrutia, and the acting governor of the Province, Manuel Falcón Hernández, immediately appeared at the port and later at the hospital, inquiring about the causes of the unfortunate event and directing maximum attention to the relatives of the deceased.

Qualified health personnel and the Ministry of the Interior, along with other specialists, are working to determine the causes that led to the painful accident.

(Taken from Radio Rebelde)