Rajasthan Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma.

RAS Transfer List:

After the formation of BJP government in Rajasthan, continuous changes are taking place in the bureaucracy.

In the last few days, there were many transfers of IAS, IPS officers as well as RAS officers.

The round of transfers that has started after the formation of Bhajan Lal government does not seem to be stopping yet.

Even on Thursday night, the Bhajanlal government of Rajasthan transferred 396 RAS officers simultaneously.

The transfer letters of these officers have been issued by the Personnel Department. 

Among the 396 RAS officers transferred by the Rajasthan government on Thursday night, four APO officers have been given posting.

Of these, three officers were on APO after the change of government, while one officer was made APO after the recent surprise inspection of the Chief Secretary (CS) in JDA. 

RAS officer Shaheen Ali Khan, posted as CMO in the Gehlot government, has been posted as Additional Director, HCM Ripa, RAS Ajay Aswal as Additional Commissioner College Education and RAS Gaurav Bajad has been posted as Registrar in Haridev Joshi Journalism University.

Also, RAS officer Ramratan Saunkaria, who was made a special officer in CMO a few days ago, has been removed.

Special assistant to Deputy CM Diya Kumari changed

The government has changed the special assistant to Deputy Chief Minister Diya Kumari.

Earlier, RAS officer Jagvir Singh was appointed special assistant to Diya Kumari.

But, now RAS Lalit Kumar has been appointed as special assistant in his place.

RAS Lalit Kumar has always been on prime posting. 

See the complete list of transfers of 396 RAS officers in Rajasthan

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