The giant Russian plane nicknamed the “White Swan” took off with the Russian President on board, making this the second time that Putin flew on board, as he flew 9 years ago, specifically on April 4, 2015. In this regard, the Russian presidential spokesman announced, Dmitry Peskov said earlier that President Putin was about to take an air tour aboard the Tu-160M ​​strategic bomber for 40 minutes. The published clip showed President Putin boarding the bomber, where he received some instructions related to flight procedures from specialists and pilots before takeoff. It is noteworthy that Russian President, Vladimir Putin, yesterday, Wednesday, inspected the factory and workshops for producing the new bombers and climbed into the cockpit himself. The plane, whose take-off weight exceeds 270 tons, can fly at supersonic speeds exceeding two thousand kilometers per hour, in addition to its ability to... Stay in the air for up to 25 hours.