“The Future Games are our gift to the world sports family,” Putin stressed.

Photo: Sputnik.

The KAZAN EXPO International Exhibition Center served as the venue for the inauguration of the first Future Games, through a show that integrated technological elements with artistic expressions.

The ceremony was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin, accompanied by his counterparts from Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, and from Kazakhstan, Kasym-Zhomart Tokáyev, who proposed that the II Future Games be held next year in his country.

In his opening remarks before hundreds of attendees, the Russian leader urged separating sport from politics and using it as a bridge that unites people.

We have participants from more than 100 countries, from 104 countries, from different continents.

“There is no doubt that this will be for the good

,” he said.

“The Future Games are free of any political situation, of all types of discrimination and double standards.

I am sure that real sport will reign on the fields of the Games.

The 2,000 athletes from more than 100 countries around the world will show virtuoso skill, perseverance and the will to win,” he stressed.

Putin recalled that the idea of ​​combining classical and electronic sports was born in Russia...

"Our country has always been and continues to be one of the main sports powers on the planet, the homeland of great athletes, victories and records

," he highlighted to applause.

For the ceremony, a large catwalk served as a stage in which artists and athletes built a story through interaction with artificial intelligence products, innovative technologies and cutting-edge audiovisuals.

The first Future Games in history begin in Russia

In Kazan, Russia, the opening ceremony of the first Future Games in history was held, combining classical sports and cybersports in a 'phygital' tournament.


— RT in Spanish (@ActualidadRT) February 22, 2024

The first segment allowed attendees to become familiar with the types of competitions that the Games offer;

the second recalled some of the technological milestones of the host country, from robotics to the conquest of space.

The closing proposed a look at the world of the future

, in areas such as cities, robots, medicine, technologies, crops, energy, life...

Music and dancing were also present, so the party was guaranteed from start to finish.

The Future Games come to life in #Kazan2024, #Cuba present...

The Russian president, #VladimirPutin, assured at the opening that the event is free of any political situation, of all types of discrimination and double standards.

https://t.co/6rzCkBJIgF pic.twitter.com/SriRYHJBrI

— JIT Cuban Sports (@jit_digital) February 22, 2024

A hundred countries were represented in the parade of the delegations, commissioned to models with typical attire in each case.

The presence of Cuba in Kazan caused applause in the auditorium, which included the president of Inder Osvaldo Vento Montiller, and the island's ambassador here, Julio Garmendía.

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