Revenues in the amount of BGN 2.609 billion will be collected in the "Security of the Electricity System" fund in 2024. This is foreseen in the budget of the fund, approved at today's meeting of the Council of Ministers (MC).

The largest share of revenues is expected to be from the sale of quotas for greenhouse gas emissions - BGN 2.023 billion, the government press service reports. 

The collected funds will cover the expenses of "National Electric Company" (NEK) EAD, including for past regulatory periods arising from its status as a public supplier according to the Energy Law.

From the revenues collected in the fund, premiums will be provided to heating plants and cogeneration plants, as well as to sites with a total installed capacity of 0.5 MW and over 0.5 MW under the Law on Energy from Renewable Sources, the decision states. 

The Electricity System Security Fund was established in July 2015 to cover the costs of the public supplier NEK arising from its obligations to purchase electricity at preferential prices.

By law, 5% of the monthly revenues from the sale of electricity to the producers and importers in the country, from the fees for access and transmission of electricity and natural gas, as well as from access and storage of natural gas are collected in the fund.

The fund also receives revenues from the sale of greenhouse gas emissions quotas, as well as from the "obligation to society" price, the Ministry of Finance recalls. 

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At the beginning of today's meeting, Prime Minister Academician Nikolay Denkov pointed to the decision on "Security of the electricity system" as an example of decisions in favor of the people.

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