The Syrian Observatory said that the Israeli attack targeted Iranian militia positions southwest of Damascus, while Iranian sources said that a bombing targeted the Dimas area northwest of Damascus, while another targeted a residential apartment near the Iranian school, causing three deaths.

This comes at a time when Tehran held Israel responsible for the attack that targeted Iran's main gas pipeline network a week ago.

Is Israel seeking to drag Iran into a war in the region?

How will Tehran respond?

The former Iranian diplomat, Muhammad Sharia, told Sky News Arabia that the campaigns carried out by the Israeli entity in Damascus were not important.

Muhammad Sharia said:

  • There are no Iranian militias in Damascus, but they are regular and official military forces.

  • The Israeli entity, which lost the battle to a faction of the resistance factions in the “Al-Aqsa Flood,” was keen to make an effort to achieve some victories here and there.

  • The security conflict between Iran and Israel is not new. Many similar hostile incidents have occurred. However, these attacks remain terrorist attacks because they target civilian sites.

  • Iran covers the world's gas needs by 100%.

  • The attacks on Iranian natural gas pipelines did not cause any disruption to the delivery of gas to its beneficiaries.

  • The resistance factions gave up the need for Iranian weapons, and began manufacturing weapons locally.

For his part, former American diplomat Lincoln Bloomfield says that the operation in Damascus was not claimed by Israeli authorities and that its source is still unknown.

He adds:

  • Iran's constant accusations against Israel in every offensive operation against it further unify Iranian ranks.

  • There is division within Iran due to death sentences against citizens and the suppression of freedom of expression.

  • Iran seeks to prevent any rapprochement in dealings between Israel and the Gulf states.

  • Israel prevented Iranian marches, missiles, and weapons from reaching Hezbollah, Hamas, and their affiliated militias.

  • Every party in the region is aware of the limits that must not be crossed and the consequences of any transgression.

  • The region is in a state of turmoil and needs diplomatic efforts and a reduction in the level of escalation.

  • Iran is the only country in the Middle East seeking to erase Israel from the map.