The giant swing-wing bomber is a significantly updated version of a Soviet-era bomber that the Soviet Union intended to use in the event of a nuclear war with the West to transport nuclear weapons over long distances.

Putin arrived at the Gorbunov Aircraft Factory in the city of Kazan to carry out a flight aboard the modern strategic missile carrier Tu-160M, also called the White Swan.

 Putin wore his flight uniform and later received the waiting crew, before climbing the plane's stairs to the cabin.

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Putin's flight on the plane will take about 40 minutes, without specifying the location of the flight.

The Tu-160M ​​bomber can carry 12 cruise missiles or 12 short-range nuclear missiles, and the total amount of ammunition on board reaches 40 tons. It can fly a distance of 12,000 kilometers without stopping and without refueling. With its 12 nuclear missiles, it can cover territory equivalent to a continent. European area.

 The Tu-160M ​​is the largest bomber in the world, and 15 of them are currently serving in the Russian Air Force, with the total number in the Russian army reaching 30 aircraft within the framework of the government’s program to develop and rearm the army, according to the Russian “Sputnik” news agency.

It is noteworthy that Putin had flown this bomber 9 years ago, specifically on April 4, 2015, and he confirmed at the time that this experiment was to examine the operation of the strategic plane and inspect its movement, indicating that a test missile was launched from the bomber and it hit its target accurately, and he confirmed that The results were good.