The Prime Minister of Poland,

Donald Tusk

, said that border crossings will be included in the list of critical infrastructure objects, which are forbidden to block and picket.

"In order to provide a one hundred percent guarantee that military aid - equipment, ammunition, humanitarian aid, medical aid - will reach the Ukrainian side without any delay, we will include border crossing points with Ukraine in the list of critical infrastructure objects: roads and railways.

This is a matter of the next few hours," said Donald Tusk.

On February 22, the President of Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelensky

addressed the representatives of Poland and the European Commission regarding the situation at the border, where Polish protesters are blocking the movement of Ukrainian trucks.

Since the fall of 2023, the Polish side has been periodically blocking traffic through checkpoints on the border with Ukraine.

At first, traffic was stopped by Polish carriers, who demanded the restoration of permits canceled for Ukrainian carriers after the Russian military invasion in February 2022.

In the conditions of closed airspace and sea routes, the land border has become the only logistics through which Ukraine receives military aid from the West - equipment, weapons and shells.

It is noteworthy that at that time Polish transporters blocked traffic not only for export of products from Ukraine, but also for import into Ukraine.

Even a delegation from Lithuania went to Poland to clarify the situation, worried that their help was not reaching the Ukrainian front.

At the end of December, the situation was resolved and unblocked, although they tried to extend it to the borders of Ukraine with other EU countries - Slovakia and Romania.

Several Ukrainian drivers died while waiting for the opportunity to cross the border.

Now Polish farmers have begun to block the roads leading to the Ukrainian border.

The main demand is to stop the import of Ukrainian grain and at the same time cancel the environmental and climate restrictions introduced within the European Union.

And when protesting transporters stopped only freight transport, farmers began to block passenger buses and railway transport.

Grain became the main weapon - it is poured directly onto the road.