A military expert, Colonel Petro Chernyk of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, explained that the best option for missiles for the F-16 in Ukraine would be those that can hit up to 900 kilometers.

He told about this on the air of the telethon.

"In my opinion, the best missile that comes with the F-16 in the air-to-ground mode is

the AGM 158 JASSM, which can strike up to 900 kilometers deep

. This is a lot, it puts the entire logistics and military infrastructure at risk. "The plane may not even approach the zone of damage of the enemy's anti-aircraft missile systems. Especially as regards the part of the Crimean peninsula. You can destroy anything there with such missiles," Chernyk said.

He added that such missiles are only in American warehouses.

They have them - about 5 thousand units.

But at the same time, the question arises whether the White House is ready to supply Ukraine with this type of weapon. 

Chernyk also commented on the words of Pentagon Deputy Spokesperson Sabrina Singh that without American help, Kyiv will be faced with the choice of which settlements to fight for given the available resources.

"This is an internal political American product. In a strategic sense, there is an understanding in both parties that Ukraine should be given money. But no one can cancel the internal political situation, which has gathered around one person - Trump. There are no national interests there." , said the expert

However, he still believes that the United States will vote to allocate the necessary aid package to Ukraine. 

"After all, the most powerful lobbyists that exist on the American continent are the military-industrial complex. They are more powerful than the oil and gas lobbies combined. They have tasted huge money and I think they will find the keys, if not to Trump himself, then to his entourage , which will be able to slow it down and help will still be voted in," the expert explained.

F-16 for Ukraine: the latest news

Earlier, Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ignat said that fighter jets may appear on the territory of our country in June, but it is currently difficult to estimate the timing.

In particular, Denmark reported that Ukraine can expect to receive the first F-16 fighter jets already this summer.

Appropriate preparation is now underway.

However, the final transfer of the first Danish F-16 aircraft depends, among other things, on the full training of Ukrainian pilots, support personnel, and the availability of the necessary logistics and infrastructure in Ukraine.

At the same time, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on this occasion that under international law, Ukraine can strike

military targets in Russia

using F-16 fighter jets, which it will receive from its allies.

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