The mayor of the Russian city of Ishim in the Tyumen region, Fedor Shishkin, hates contact with local residents so much that he specially put on a medical glove to shake hands with them.

This is evidenced by a video published by him on his social networks.

The released footage was taken during the presentation of housing certificates to several residents of the city.


"Because he is a respected master, and they are slaves... He is a servant of the people, who is loathe to shake hands with these people," says the comment on the video.

The mayor of Ishim (Tyumen region) decided to clearly demonstrate his attitude towards the population — Fedor Shishkin presented certificates for new apartments and put on a medical glove.

— ARSEN (@Ars7513) February 20, 2024

Shishkin himself explained to local propagandists that he simply did not want to bring himself any infection.