She said in statements to “Sputnik” that the American objection and the attempt to link it to the efforts made in the Cairo Dialogue, and the talk about giving an opportunity to reach an agreement, indicates Washington’s partnership with the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. She stressed that America continues to provide strategic support to the Israeli occupation state as part of The "colonial" colonial system of the Arab region. She explained that Washington's submission of a draft resolution in the Security Council with Israeli-American specifications is closely related to the Israeli prisoners held by "Hamas", considering that the temporary ceasefire within this draft does not rise to the level of ending the Israeli aggression, which has exceeded the description of genocide. Mass crimes, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. In a related context, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said today, Thursday, that the American “veto” against Algeria’s draft resolution in the UN Security Council regarding Gaza has become a license to continue killing innocent people in the Strip. Bogdanov said. To Sputnik: “This is a very negative matter (the American veto), and this is not the first time that the Americans have used their veto power in order not to pass a resolution calling for an end to the war.” It is noteworthy that the United States had used its veto power again, against An Algerian draft resolution in the UN Security Council calls for an immediate ceasefire for humanitarian reasons in the Gaza Strip, as 13 members of the UN Security Council voted in favor of the resolution, and the United States was against it, while only Britain abstained from voting. The American delegate to the United Nations said, Linda Thomas-Greenfield said that the Algeria project negatively affects the ongoing negotiations to reach an agreement on Gaza. The American delegate revealed an “alternative” American draft resolution that calls for a temporary ceasefire within the framework of an agreement to release the hostages. The draft calls on the Security Council to condemn the movement Hamas, where Greenfield said: “Most of us agree that it is time for this Council to condemn Hamas,” and if the American resolution is adopted, it will be the first Security Council resolution to condemn “Hamas.” The United Nations Security Council failed to adopt a draft resolution submitted by Algeria, from He postponed an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, due to the United States’ vote against the draft resolution. It is noteworthy that the Algerian draft resolution called for “an immediate ceasefire for humanitarian reasons that is respected by all parties.” The draft resolution also rejects the forced displacement of the Palestinian civilian population, and calls for To put an end to this violation of international law, the text also calls for the release of all prisoners.