Blinken explained in a conversation with the Brazilian leader, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, that Washington “does not see conditions for diplomacy.” Blinken pointed out the possibility of the conflict continuing without the elements for a diplomatic solution. A Turkish newspaper reported earlier that a diplomatic settlement of the Ukrainian crisis is impossible. As long as Vladimir Zelensky is in power. The newspaper said: “Zelensky is worried that the West may stop supporting him. He is still trying to drag the world into a conflict because of the paranoia he suffers from... Although the Russian authorities repeat in almost every statement that they are open to dialogue.” What results can be achieved with such unhealthy thinking by Zelensky? She added: “Zelensky... can remove his delegation from the table if such negotiations take place, as peace is impossible under the current leadership of Kiev. Russia will never be deceived by the same The trick again. Turkish mediation continues to hold peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia