US presidential candidate Donald Trump is using the story of Alexei Navalny's death in a Russian colony to draw comparisons to his own problems in US courts.

CNN writes about it.

Trump has been criticized for days by opponents for his refusal to condemn Putin after Navalny died in a Russian prison in circumstances that have not yet been properly explained.

Given the opportunity to do so on Fox News on Tuesday, Trump again demonstrated his usual refusal to criticize the Russian dictator. Then the former US president linked his own legal problems with Navalny's death.

"This (political persecution. - Ed.) also happens in our country. We are turning into a communist country in many respects. And you look: I am the leading candidate, I was accused. I was prosecuted four times. I have eight or nine lawsuits - all this is due to the fact that I am engaged in politics," Trump assured.

Recalling the court's verdict on civil fraud and the $355 million fine, Trump said: "this is like an example of Navalny, this is an example of communism or fascism."

"In fact, Trump's authoritarian instincts suggest that he has more in common with Putin than with Navalny. The absolute presidential immunity from prosecution that Trump is asking the Supreme Court to grant him and his vision of an unlimited presidency seem closer to the Russian model than to the American one ", according to CNN.

The publication calls Trump "the only president in the history of the United States who tried to defy the will of the voters after democratic elections and stay in power - like a Russian autocrat."

In his speech, President Joe Biden recalled his predecessor's refusal to recognize Putin as guilty of Navalny's death.

"When Navalny died, when the world holds Putin responsible, Trump failed to even condemn him. This is outrageous. The bottom line is that Republicans must decide who they serve, Donald Trump or the American people," Biden said.

We will remind that on February 16, the Russian Federation announced that opposition leader

Oleksiy Navalny died

 in a penal colony.

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