The new large-scale package

of sanctions

against the Russian Federation will be aimed at the Kremlin's military machine, as well as the regime itself, which persecutes the opposition.


was stated by

the spokesman of the US State Department, Matthew Miller.

"We are always looking for additional ways in which we can suppress the Russian military machine, deprive the Russian military-industrial complex of the components it should use to support its military efforts, and also bring to justice those who are involved in this," he noted.

Miller said that all the details of the new sanctions package will be announced later, but "it will be a powerful package of sanctions" against the Russian Federation.

In addition, the representative of the State Department noted that the United States will apply measures to ensure that previously imposed sanctions are implemented.

It will be recalled that it was previously reported that 

the United States imposed sanctions against a trade network that supplied Iran with American technology


In addition, we previously reported that 

Hungary suddenly changed its mind to block the 13th package of sanctions against the Russian Federation


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