We're going to an election and right now there are a few days where some people from "Continuing the Change" have to take the turn. How they will take this turn without falling out of the car is not very clear to me, there the impudence and arrogance are endless, so that they won't even understand what exactly they are doing. This is what sociologist Kancho Stoychev commented for "Focus".

According to the sociologist, behind the proposal "We continue the change" for a memorandum there is an immeasurable impudence: "Here we are talking about complete lawlessness and disregard for any principles of democracy. We have been watching all this for many months. It seems the compromise that was correctly made by GERB and to a large extent degree and from the DPS, in order to have a government, to support, not as it should, the first political force, but the second, of course, with arrangements for rotation, for sharing power, regardless of whether we call it "coalition" or "assembly", or as it will be, that arrangement, when the time comes for it to be carried out, we observe a great insolence. And here the mistake was that it was formed at the beginning. I was not of that opinion. I thought it really better to there is a government".

Maria Gabriel on the memorandum proposed by PP-DB: There is no desire for joint management, I will not sign it!

The sociologist emphasized that the elections are becoming more and more possible and imperative: "It was not like that a month, two, three ago, when it was considered that this rotation would go smoothly and in fact the party that received the most votes in the elections, and that is GERB, and which clearly has a lead in sociological research, will get some more worthy representation in power, because it is currently none. It is a deputy prime minister - Mrs. Gabriel. And here I believe that the opportunities to go to elections are growing with this position that "We continue the change" takes.

Kiril Petkov: The memorandum is not an ultimatum for Borisov to show courage

Formally, this proposal seems to be from their coalition, "We continue the change" - "Democratic Bulgaria", but we see as the main speaker "We continue the change", and from a certain group of persons. It is scandalous what is being said - how posts are shared, how professionalism is neglected, how things are presented to us, that people who are not party-affiliated will be put in these regulatory positions. We have already seen how "We continue the change" works, we have also seen the quality of the laws that are being created. We saw that almost nothing was done, except for one change to the Construction, which years, decades from now we will regret this change.

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