Undertrial prisoner dies during treatment in Khargone (symbolic photo)

Khargone Jail News:

Sardar, an under trial prisoner of Barwah Upjail of Khargone district and former vice president of Sanawad Municipality, died during treatment in the Civil Hospital on Tuesday night. It is being told that the prisoner was admitted to the Civil Hospital in the evening complaining of constipation and stomach ache. After recovering, he was again taken to jail. 

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died during treatment

After a few hours, the prisoner's health deteriorated again in the jail and he was again brought to the civil hospital. He died during treatment here. When an undertrial prisoner of the jail dies, the postmortem of the body is done in the presence of the judge. On getting information about the incident, Sardar's acquaintances and relatives reached the spot. According to the information, Sardar Singh Solanki was a strong leader of BJP. He has also been a first line leader of BJP, a senior official, councilor and vice president of the municipality. 

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Had problem in walking with one knee

Jailer Yuvraj Singh Muvel told that he was brought here on February 13 on the orders of Sanavad Court under RCT 23/24 Section 420, 34 IPC of Police Station Sanavad. At the time of entering jail, he had a rod in one leg. He had problem in walking with one knee. Regular check-ups of prisoners were also being done in the jail. On February 20 also, jail doctor Shyam Patel had examined him at 12 noon.

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