A German citizen in Paraguay brutally killed a man because he loved his motorcycle very much. For this, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison. 

The Russian BILD writes about it.

As noted, a woman and her husband emigrated from the capital of Germany to Paraguay about 10 years ago - they wanted to spend their old age in a warm country. For this, they rented a house near the Paraguayan city of Aregua.

However, even in Germany, the man was very fond of motorcycles and was even a member of the Gremium MC rock club. He spent most of his free time with biker friends, due to which the couple had regular arguments.

However, family friends say that the woman is "a very unpleasant person who constantly humiliated her husband in front of his friends." At the same time, the man was "quiet, friendly and always smiling."

"On November 12, 2022, another quarrel took place between the spouses due to the fact that Hans decided to go on a motorcycle trip without his wife. Then Berbel took out a 38-caliber revolver and shot the man twice: one bullet hit him in the chest - Hans died on the spot. Berbel got into her Toyota car and disappeared in an unknown direction. The owner of the house, who discovered the corpse of Hans, reported the murder to the police. When the law enforcement officers found Berbel, she said that her husband had committed suicide while she was sleeping," the publication writes.

However, the Paraguayan court did not believe the woman's excuses and sentenced her to ten years in prison. According to local law, she can be transferred to house arrest for part of the term because she turned 70 last year.

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