Speaking to Sputnik, today, Wednesday, he said that the United States is now in a geopolitical conflict with Russia and China, especially in the face of the Russian operation in Ukraine, and therefore it is not easy for the American decision-maker to leave Iraq with its strategic location and wealth within the framework of this conflict. Jumaili believes The withdrawal process, despite all the slogans being put forward and despite all the media statements, is not an easy issue of withdrawal, on the one hand. On the other hand, Al-Jumaili believes that the cessation of the attack by the armed factions against the American forces came after the American forces directed major blows to the factions. In Baghdad and inside Syrian territory, after the Iraqi government became embarrassed. The Secretary of the Vanguard Party added that there is Iranian pressure on the factions in addition to pressure from the Iraqi government so that the battle in Gaza does not expand and turn into a regional battle, and it is believed that Iran is not ready and cannot confront those Regional war, especially if the United States of America and the European Union intervene. The Secretary of the Vanguard Party pointed out that the current calm regarding the factions’ bombing of American forces may come as part of a mutual deal between the parties, and it may also be the result of Iranian pressure and pressure from the Iraqi government, which felt extremely embarrassed because the operations The mutual attacks by both parties (the American side and the armed factions) are a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty. Al-Jumaili confirmed that the truce that has been ongoing for two weeks, I believe, has a specific deal behind it that is difficult to determine at the present time, especially since Iran has outstanding files such as the nuclear file and the file of its presence and centers of power. Regionalism in the face of the Arab world in particular, because the regional situation has become critical in the face of these strikes, and the Gaza battle can no longer be hidden under its cover. This battle exposed all the parties, whether the local ones that reduced the issue by remaining in power, or the regional parties that were claiming that there was an axis. Resistance, but the axis of resistance chose the rules of engagement between the Zionist entity and the American occupation forces. The Secretary of the Vanguard Party pointed out, “Things, in my belief, are heading towards a permanent calm, given that the issues are still pending, and the Gaza battle seems to be either decided by the entity.” The Zionists, or that there are political bargains that end with the Palestinian National Authority controlling or managing Gaza instead of Hamas, so things began to calm down and we cut them short with pressure from Iran and pressure from the Iraqi government, in addition to secret deals whose content and content we have not yet been able to know. Muhammad Shiaa conducted Al-Sudani, the Iraqi Prime Minister held discussions with members of the US Congress in which he confirmed that the Iraqi security forces had reached an advanced stage of readiness and performance. This came on the sidelines of his participation in the Munich Security Conference 2024, according to what the Iraqi News Agency “INA” reported last Saturday, which indicated Al-Sudani emphasized the necessity of moving to the stage of bilateral relations between Baghdad and the coalition member states. Al-Sudani stressed to the members of Congress the necessity of ending the coalition’s tasks in Iraq, noting that Iraq is going through a state of recovery in light of the reforms the country is witnessing in various development fields. Recently The United States of America launched strikes on sites in Syria and Iraq, which it said were in response to the targeting of American soldiers at a military base in Jordan.Washington accused what it called "groups allied with Iran" of being behind the attack on the military base, which hosts American forces in Jordan. Baghdad announced its rejection of the American bombing that targeted Iraqi sites, and said that the continued presence of the international coalition in Iraq destabilizes the region, as confirmed by the President of the United States. The Iraqi ministers said that foreign forces no longer have a role in the country after Iraq became possessed of advanced security capabilities.