After taking Avdiivka, the Russians are unlikely to move further, because there are still 15-20 kilometers to the hills. The Armed Forces of Ukraine will maintain an active defense there. 

This was said by the military observer and reserve major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksiy Hetman on the air of "Kyiv 24".

"And further to the west of Avdiivka, it is generally a field, a plain, and moving heavy equipment there will be under the sights of our artillery and our drones," he said.

As for Chasovoy Yar near Bakhmut, the Russians added groups in the Bakhmut direction: there were about 40 thousand, it became about 80 thousand. They try to attack.

"We understand that they want to go to Kostyantynivka, which is a powerful railway hub, and in this way try to disrupt our logistical capabilities. Go out or not, we'll see, I think it won't work - we're keeping our defenses there," Hetman concluded.

Earlier it was said that the occupiers intend to resume active offensive actions in the direction of Kupyansk and Chasovoy Yar. It is also about repeated attempts to go in the direction of Ugledar.