In a game that lasted two days,

the Trinidad team (Sancti Spíritus) won the final series of the Cuban national tournament of champion baseball clubs, after beating Unión de Reyes (Matanzas) by 7-6.

Both teams sealed the duel yesterday due to the rains that fell in the town of Unión de Reyes, home of the subseries for the title, when there was a tie of six scores in the ninth inning and the Tiburones del Sur threatened with men on third and first. base and two outs.

In that same situation,

the clash resumed after noon this Monday and a wild pitch by pitcher Reiniel Mijenes opened the doors of home plate to the seventh round of the Trinidadians, which served to seal the victory.

The last scout was in charge of reliever Yanielquis Duardo, who led the games saved in the recently concluded Cuban winter league and as a curious fact has his birthday today.

The final began on Saturday with division of honors, first the Matanzas representative won 6-1 and the Trinidadians responded by leaving them on the field in the second hour by 4-3 in extra inning.

Both teams reached the final series of the championship after leading their respective western and eastern circuits in a direct elimination competition format in each instance.

The so-called Union of Kings Locomotive left Melena del Sur (Mayabeque), Santa Clara and Mantua (Pinar del Río) on the road, in that order, with a balance of six wins and one loss, before beating the Trinidadians.

The Sharks arrived undefeated in the duel for gold (6-0) by successively beating the teams of Primero de Enero (Ciego de Ávila), Las Tunas and Campechuela (Granma).

This is the first title won by a team from Sancti Spiritus in this type of competition, after three silver medals (1998, 2002 and 2008).

The championship of champion clubs is an annual baseball tournament that returns to the Cuban sports calendar after 16 years of absence, and in whose first season it celebrated 17 editions, with Guantánamo as the top winner with five titles.

Champions of all editions

  • 1992 Pinar del Río A

  • 1993 Pinar del Río A

  • 1994 Pinar del Río A

  • 1995 Guantanamo

  • 1996 Calixto García (Holguín)

  • 1997 Matanzas

  • 1998 Guantanamo

  • 1999 Guantanamo

  • 2000 Las Tunas

  • 2001 Las Tunas

  • 2002 Bayamo

  • 2003 Guantanamo

  • 2004 First of January (Ciego de Ávila)

  • 2005 Pinar del Río

  • 2006 Bayamo

  • 2007 Bayamo

  • 2008 Guantanamo

  • 2024 Trinity

(Taken from Prensa Latina)