Minister of Agriculture 

Czeslaw Sekerski addressed a letter to protesting farmers, urging them not to completely block the border with Ukraine.

Its text is published on the website of the ministry.

The Polish minister emphasized that the farmers are protesting for a "just cause". Among the requirements, in particular, is the simplification and easing of requirements within the framework of the European Green Deal program, as well as restrictions on the import of agricultural products from Ukraine. Sekersky emphasized that the ban on the import of grain, rapeseed, sunflower, wheat flour, meal, bran and cake is already in effect.

"At the same time, we seek to reach a bilateral agreement with Ukraine that would expand the scope of protection of our market to include other sensitive products, such as sugar, poultry meat, eggs, soft fruits, honey, apple juice, oil," the statement said. minister's statement

At the same time, Sekersky warned that the complete closure of the border could contribute to stopping the export of Polish goods to Ukraine and lead to the reduction of many jobs. He called on the demonstrators to ensure that their activities harm society as little as possible. 

The minister also emphasized that his department is appealing to the Polish government for additional funds to help farmers. He invited the farmers to the negotiations "so that the result of our joint work is an agreement on solving current problems and developing a program for the future."

As reported,

the situation on the Ukrainian-Polish border remains difficult.

In addition to blocking trucks, Polish farmers do not allow military cargo for the Armed Forces to pass and tried to block the railway, as well as by their actions they complicate the movement of regular buses. 

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