With an almost complete majority, the municipal councilors in Pazardzhik adopted the municipal budget for 2024. The financial framework amounts to just under BGN 153 million, with own revenues being just over BGN 39 million. The salary of the mayor of the municipality is increased to BGN 4,900.

Already at the beginning of the presentation of the budget, the municipal councilor Blago Solov from the coalition "Together for a strong municipality" proposed that the salary of the mayor of Pazardzhik be increased to 6 thousand BGN.

Montana mayor's salary remains...

"It is not a shame to increase the mayor's salary. It is a shame that we cannot answer the question - how did we leave a mayor who manages millions of budgets of one of the largest municipalities in Bulgaria at 2,000 and less," said Solov.

Mayor Petar Kulinski suggested that the topic be postponed until the next meeting of the Municipal Council:

"Such a step must be supported by relevant financial analyzes and financial data," the mayor pointed out.

In the end, it was accepted that the salary of the mayor of Pazardzhik will be BGN 4,900, starting from February 1, BNR reported. From this date, the salaries of mayors of town halls are also increasing. For now, the remuneration of the municipal councilors will not increase. A change to the regulations is pending, which will not tie their remuneration to that of the mayor, but to the average income of municipal employees. 

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