Petro wrote on his page on the “X” website: “I express my complete solidarity with Brazilian President Lula da Silva, for the genocide in Gaza, where thousands of children, women and the elderly are killed. Lula just spoke the truth, and the truth must be protected, otherwise barbarism It will destroy us.” On Sunday, the Brazilian leader said that what is happening in the Gaza Strip is genocide, and compared it to the atrocities committed by Adolf Hitler against the Jews. While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called such statements “crossing the red line.” The Israeli Foreign Minister, Israel Katz, rebuked the Brazilian ambassador, yesterday, Monday, regarding the Brazilian President’s statement. In this meeting, the Israeli Minister also announced that the Brazilian President An undesirable person. On Tuesday morning, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro supported the recent statements of Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, in which he compared the Israeli operation in Gaza to the Holocaust that Hitler committed against the Jews. Moscow - Sputnik. “Hitler was a monster created by Western elites... As President Lula da Silva said, the Israeli government is doing to the Palestinians the same thing that Hitler did,” Maduro said on his TV program “Con Maduro” (With Maduro), broadcast on Venezuelan television. With the Jews: they eliminate them.” The Venezuelan president added that it is necessary to “restore justice” in the Gaza Strip. These are not the first statements of their kind by President Maduro, as he has emphasized in several forums over the past months his support for the Palestinian people and his condemnation of the war in the Gaza Strip.