On Tuesday evening, the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation quoted Smotrich as saying that the file of returning Israeli detainees held by the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip is not the most important file in Tel Aviv’s hands. The Israeli Finance Minister explained that the most important file for Israel is the destruction of the Hamas movement, and that the word “ “At any cost” represents a problem for his country, adding that Israel needs to return the detainees and put pressure on Hamas. Earlier today, Tuesday, Army Radio quoted military officials as saying, “Army operations in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, are about to end, and that the army is expected to make a decision in the coming days regarding the possible attack on Rafah.” According to the radio, “ The forces of the 98th Division will complete their mission in the region soon,” adding that “there are still a few targets remaining in the region, and the forces are expected to reach them in the coming days.” The Israeli Defense Minister, Yoav Galant, said last Sunday that the Khan Yunis Brigade of Hamas has been defeated and is militarily inactive. He added, "Hamas is present in a small number of camps in the center, with the Rafah Brigade, and in between, and this is a complete collapse." The Israeli army has continued military operations against the Gaza Strip, since the seventh of last October, when the Palestinian "Hamas" movement, which controls the Strip, announced The beginning of Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood.” Thousands of rockets were fired from Gaza at Israel, and its forces stormed Israeli settlements adjacent to the Strip, causing the death of about 1,200 Israelis in addition to the capture of about 250 others. The battles included a truce that lasted for 7 days, which was reached with Egyptian, Qatari, and American mediation, which was concluded. During which the exchange of prisoners of women and children and the entry of agreed-upon amounts of aid into the Gaza Strip, before military operations were renewed on the first of last December. Israel responded by officially declaring war on the Gaza Strip, beginning with devastating bombing, then ground military operations inside the Strip. It resulted in more than 29 thousand deaths and more than 69 thousand injuries among the residents of the Gaza Strip.