Farmer leader Jagjit Singh Dallewal while holding a press conference.

Farmer Protest in Delhi:

Before the farmers' Delhi Chalo march to be held on February 21, farmer leader Sarwan Singh Pandher targeted the Center and said that the government is stopping farmers from entering Delhi. . He said, 'The intention of the government was very clear that they will not allow us to enter Delhi at any cost. If you do not want to find a solution through discussions with the farmers, then we should be allowed to march towards Delhi. 

'Kashmir like situation in Haryana'

Pandher said, 'When we moved towards Delhi, there was shelling. Bullets were also fired on the tires of tractors. Haryana DGP has said that they are not using tear gas on farmers. We demand punishment for those who use it. Wrong statements are also being given. The situation in Haryana is like Kashmir. We will march towards Delhi on 21st February. The government has given us a proposal so that we step back from our original demands. The government will be responsible for this, whatever happens now.

Center's proposal rejected

After the Center brought a proposal to buy crops at the Minimum Support Price (MSP), farmers on Monday evening rejected the proposal saying that there is nothing in it for them. Addressing a press conference, farmer leader Jagjit Singh Dallewal said that after discussion in both the forums, it has been decided that if you analyze, there is nothing in the government's proposal. Our government imports palm oil worth Rs 1.75 crore from outside, which also causes diseases to the general public. If this money is given to the farmers of the country to grow oilseed crops and MSP is announced, then that money can be used here. This proposal is not in favor of farmers. Therefore we reject it.

Farmers of Haryana will also participate

Farmer leader Gurnam Singh Charuni said on Monday that the government should include oilseeds and millet under MSP. He warned that if the central government did not agree to this by February 21, then Haryana would also join the movement. The agitating farmers of Punjab have raised various demands including an ordinance to ensure legal guarantee for MSP and loan waiver. Both sides – ministers and farmer leaders – had earlier met on February 8, 12 and 15 but the talks remained inconclusive.

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