He told Sputnik: “We know that there were secret torture chambers, places where people were brought on politically motivated charges or suspicions, in order to accurately identify them and obtain documented evidence. It is now necessary to work with the people who are leaving Avdiivka.” Miroshnik explained that there is preliminary information about secret burials in the city, and about the consequences of torture, and this data will begin to be studied. Investigators are working with the residents of Avdiivka to record Kiev crimes. Data is now being collected on how Ukraine pursues its policy of banning the use of the Russian language, political pressures and suspicions, and human rights violations. “As the mines are cleared and civilian specialists arrive there, the circle will expand,” Miroshnyk concluded. “We will mainly rely first on testimonies.” And then to inspect the places where the criminal actions of the Kiev regime are likely to be concentrated.” The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on Sunday that the order issued by the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Alexander Sersky, to withdraw his forces from Avdiivka, was issued a day after the start of the uncontrolled withdrawal. For Ukrainian armed units from the city. A day before that, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu informed Russian President Vladimir Putin of full control over Avdiivka, and President Putin congratulated the Russian army on this important success and victory. The Russian Ministry of Defense had stated yesterday, Monday In a statement, Russian forces completely liberated a coke factory in Avdiivka from Ukrainian militants. The Russian special military operation, which began on February 24, 2022, has entered its second winter, and aims to protect the residents of Donbass who were subjected to persecution and extermination by the Kiev regime. For years, Russian forces thwarted the Ukrainian “counterattack,” despite the significant financial and military support provided by NATO and a number of Western countries allied with Washington to the Kiev regime. During the operation, Russian forces destroyed much of the equipment that the West had bet on, most notably , German "Leopard 2" tanks, and many American and British armored vehicles, in addition to many tanks and vehicles provided by countries in the "NATO" alliance, which were destined to be destroyed in the impact of Russian strikes. Scenes of the random escape of Ukrainian forces from Avdiivka... Video