Sweden announced new military aid to Ukraine. In particular, the country should hand over a total of 10 combat boats, 20 group boats and underwater weapons to Ukraine. The new support package will be the 15th that Sweden sends to Ukraine.

This is reported by the Swedish publication SVT.

"At the end of the day, it's about humanity and decency and about protecting values ​​and interests that are important to Sweden and Sweden's interests," Defense Minister Paul Jonsson told a news conference.

Yes, the new assistance package includes:

According to the Minister of Defense of the country, the new support package was developed specifically in accordance with the needs of Ukraine.

"Since we do not have unlimited resources in our own military organization, it is important to create conditions for the delivery of newly developed defense equipment," added Paul Jonson.

Thanks to previous support packages that Sweden has already sent to Ukraine, the country allocated a total of more than SEK 30 billion (almost $3 billion).

It will be recalled that the partners are considering the possibility of transferring Swedish Gripen fighters to Ukraine in addition to the F-16. Ukrainian pilots have already tested these planes, but this is not yet training on fighters.  

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