A court in Yekaterinburg arrested a resident of Los Angeles on suspicion of treason.

As reported by the Russian service of Radio Svaboda with reference to the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia, who was arrested for 33 years, she has the citizenship of Russia and the USA.

According to information from the FSB, since February 2022, the suspect collected money "in the interests of the Ukrainian organization", which she directed to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In particular, this money was used to purchase "tactical medical items, equipment, weapons and ammunition." She is also accused of participating in public actions in the USA in support of the "Kiev regime".

The FSB did not name the detainee. Russian media found out that this is

Ksenia Karelin

, who graduated from the university in Yekaterinburg and received American citizenship after marrying an American.

The detainee faces life imprisonment for treason.

Earlier in Yekaterinburg, The Wall Street Journal journalist

Evan Hershkovich

was detained on charges of espionage. In October 2023, Alsa Kurmashova, a journalist of the Tatar-Bashkir service of Radio Svaboda, was arrested - she is accused of not reporting her second citizenship and the status of a foreign agent.

Last year in August, it became known that Russia and the USA are negotiating the exchange of Ivan Hershkovich and several other US citizens for imprisoned Russians in American prisons, but Moscow has not yet decided on candidates for the exchange.

As reported by the American publication The Wall Street Journal, 25 Russian citizens are serving sentences in federal prisons, but Russia has begun to "bargain" for the release of Russians detained in other countries.

This February, in an interview with the American journalist Tucker Carlson, Vladimir Putin hinted at his readiness to exchange Evan Hershkovich for, presumably, an employee of the Russian special services, Vadim Krasikov (aka Vadim Sokolov), who was sentenced to life imprisonment in Germany for the murder of the former field commander of the Chechen separatists, Zelimkhan Khangash. . A court in Germany found out that the Russian acted on orders from Moscow and called the murder of Khangashvili in Berlin in 2019 an act of state terrorism. According to journalistic investigations, Krasikov may be a veteran of the Vympel special unit and a senior FSB officer. Moscow denies involvement in the murder of Khangashvili.