Russian troops are taking advantage of the temporary shortage of shells in the Ukrainian army and intensified their offensive in several directions.

Will the Ukrainian front crumble because of this and will the enemy troops go on a repeat offensive against the capital of Ukraine - these questions were answered by

Oleksandr Kovalenko,

 a military-political analyst of the "Information Resistance" group, 

in a comment for

According to him, currently the Russians have intensified their offensive because they feel courage after the events in Avdiivka.

"That's one of the factors, they saw the opportunities. But the fact that they are trying to advance now is mainly due to the fact that we do not have enough ammunition. They see that. They see that we have nothing against their tactical aircraft. These factors affect their confidence. They use this opportunity while we have a shortage of ammunition," says Oleksandr Kovalenko.

But he adds: "But this shortage will eventually end. We are hopeful that the supply of munitions will return to the level it was before the start of this political tentpole that the Republicans in Congress have set up. But while there is an opportunity, the Russians are trying to use it to push the line combat, capture certain locations".

According to Kovalenko, the Ukrainian troops are currently forced to conduct only defensive actions and will compensate for the lack of shells by using drones in close combat.

"Although it is impossible to completely replace artillery with drones. These means of destruction have different functionality. We still cannot do without artillery. It is defensive actions using alternative means of destruction that will take place in the near future. I think for another six months. Our front will not crumble, but we must be "We are morally ready for the fact that we will move away from some areas. To talk about the collapse of the front in the direction of some important regional center is not what we are talking about," the expert summarizes.

Can the Russian army take advantage of the lack of shells in the Armed Forces and go to Kyiv again?

Oleksandr Kovalenko answered this question briefly: "I don't think they have such an opportunity. They need to accumulate the appropriate resource for this first of all. And they don't have it in the appropriate amount. Therefore, no."