The Prime Minister Academician Nikolay Denkov stated very clearly that he will resign on the day we agreed on the rotation. GERB should sit down at the negotiating table and agree with us on the concrete steps to make this happen. At the moment, the stumbling block is understanding the rotation. What is a rotation - two people exchanging two posts. This was stated by Venko Sabrutev from Continuing the Change-Democratic Bulgaria "Democratic Bulgaria" is a centrist-right political union formed by (PP-DB) in the program "Face to Face" on BTV.

"We have not signed an agreement with GERB. There will be rotation. We will not back down from what has been agreed to happen. Rotation means changing positions. At the moment, the aim is not to disrupt this tandem", he explained.

Sabrutev emphasized that the agreement, which is public, must be respected. "We want what is good for Bulgarian citizens to continue. Denkov paved the way for us to be in Schengen today," he stressed.

Prime Minister Denkov told the New York Times: Europe should learn from the cascade of problems after the war

He also commented on the scandal with addictions in the judicial system, which came to light after the murder of Martin Bojanov - the Notary. "We are witnessing along the so-called Notary public, what happened in justice. We have taken the necessary steps for judicial reform because that is our main goal. If we had not removed the Specialized Court and the Prosecutor's Office, these bodies for political racketeering on business and people, Bulgarian business would have woken up and the reality would have been different. What we did with the Constitution is a path to judicial reform. There is still a long way to go, because this is a system that is totally bogged down and sunk in addictions", explained the politician.

Venko Sabrutov did not miss the topic of Russian oil and the accusations of GERB. "This is a clear example of the schizophrenia of nefarious politicians. It became clear that the levche was a lie. It turned out that it is not the 14th century and not for everyone, but for some segment of people, said the Minister of Economy. The other thing that was heard was that they know Delyan Dobrev very well and whether GERB election brochures were distributed in Lukoil. Delyan Dobrev personally terminated the hearing and fled. Let's recall the lack of taxes paid by "Lukoil" for 12 years during their management, given an oil port for the price of three leases in the mall. The leader of their group played cards with the CEO of Lukoil, a pipeline that mainly carries Russian gas, and gave puppies to Putin. It is not by chance that the nickname Dello Faktura is spreading in the public space", explained the PP-DB politician.

Dobrev: In less than two years, Bulgaria has paid BGN 10 billion to Putin's regime

According to him, if "Lukoil" increased its purchases of Russian oil during the derogation, then this was another achievement of their government. "At that time we had negotiated the lowest fuel prices in Europe. Let's compare how much taxes Lukoil paid then and now. Then it will come out who works pro-Russian. Thanks to Delyan's law on the leva in question, the Bulgarian state has been drastically delayed in imposing hundreds of millions of taxes on Lukoil, Sabrutev said.  

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