Parties will no longer receive from the Audit Office certificates of registration for participation in elections. The document will be submitted by the institution to the CEC on an official basis, the Audit Chamber announced.

The change became a fact on the proposal of the Audit Chamber, approved by the Central Election Commission. The CEC accepted the certificates issued by the audit institution under Art. 37, para. 1 of the Law on Political Parties (PPA), required when registering to participate in elections, to be provided officially.

According to Art. 37, para. 1 of the ZPP, the Audit Chamber issues certificates for the submitted and/or not submitted on time annual financial statements of political parties for the last three years, and for newly registered parties - from the date of their court registration.

1/3 of the participants in the local elections have not yet submitted their reports to the Audit Chamber

The simplification of the administrative procedure was proposed by the Audit Chamber. The reason is that practice shows that, given the large number of elections (regular and extraordinary) held in the last few years, a large part of the documents certify the same facts for the same period.

At the proposal of the CEC, a list of the names of the parties that submitted their annual financial statements on time will be attached to the certificates, which will be published on the website of the Audit Chamber.

From February 1, the annual financial statements of the political parties (in paper and electronic format) are submitted to the Auditor's Office building at 17 Antim I Street, floor 6, where better conditions have been created for this activity.

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