The former speechwriter of the president Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin - Russian politician. Born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg. President - Abbas Galyamov, said that the master of the Kremlin personally ordered the murder of the oppositionist Alexei Navalny.

"When he made the decision to kill Navalny, Putin was not mentally stable. He was mentally disturbed and I would say paranoid. He is very irrational and lives in his own world," commented Galyamov for the Mirror.

In Russia, they are looking for Putin's former speech writer - who criticized the "special military operation"

Putin is not mentally balanced, he has very serious seizures. He has totally lost his mind, added Galyamov.

According to him, since Prigozhin's rebellion in 2023, Putin has become even more paranoid.

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