In the village of Gvardiyske near Odesa, a car exploded in which representatives of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army, Albert and Natalya Kruchyniny, were.

This was reported in the Main Office of the National Police of the Odesa Region and on the page of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army.

The police noted that a woman and a man were injured as a result of the car explosion. They were taken to the hospital with multiple injuries. The law enforcement officers do not specify their names.

"Investigators entered into the Unified Register of Pretrial Investigations information under part 2 of article 15, paragraph 1 and 5 of part 2 of article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. It is about an attempt to intentionally kill two people, committed in a way that is dangerous for the lives of many people ", the police said.

This crime is punishable by imprisonment for ten to fifteen years or life imprisonment.

What they say in UDA

The Ukrainian Volunteer Army confirmed that the UDA representatives Albert and Natalya Kruchyniny were in the car.

The UDA noted that it regards the crime as a theoretical act, and considers the activity of enemy DRGs as a priority version.

"The UDA's own security units have already received urgent instructions. We call on all possible eyewitnesses to the crime, as well as people who know any information about its customers and perpetrators, to contact the UDA command. We guarantee anonymity and a reward of 10 thousand US dollars for information. which will help to detain or eliminate the DRG," the message says.

We will remind you that the Ukrainian Volunteer Army is a voluntary military formation formed in December 2015 on the basis of units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces after the departure of Dmytro Yarosh and his associates from the "Right Sector".

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