The documents published by the ministry on its official website include commanders’ memoirs and details of the war in all its stages, starting with its preparation, crossing the Suez Canal, the strategic deception plan, and what happened in the breach. The documents also include various topics, including the war of June 5, 1967, And military strategic planning (management of the operation/war in its stages until the ceasefire), and planning to liquidate the breach (the amended comprehensive and comprehensive plan). The documents also touch on the political use of the Arab Petroleum Weapon, the idea of ​​using the armed forces, Operation Granit, crossing the Suez Canal and destroying the Bar Lev Line, And the firepower and crossing of the Suez Canal, and the overthrow and surrender of Israeli positions from the Bar Lev line (Port Tawfiq - Qantara), and the formation of bridge heads, and repelling enemy counter-attacks. As for the reason for the Egyptian Ministry of Defense publishing those documents at that specific time, the advisor to the Nasser Higher Military Academy, Major General Adel, said Al-Omda, in statements to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Youm Al-Sabea, said that it “carries an important significance in timing in light of a region rife with many variables, and makes us remember what happened, and remind others of what happened, because we are telling the world that despite the circumstances at the time, we achieved what was required, and our circumstances Today is better and we can do what is required at all times.” For his part, the Secretary of the Defense and National Security Committee in the Egyptian House of Representatives, MP Mohamed Abdel Rahman Rady, confirmed in statements to the Egyptian newspaper that publishing these documents now “is a reminder of the strength of the Egyptian army, and a message For the current generations that did not live through the 1973 war, and restore the sense of patriotism, especially in Egyptian society, and the rallying of the entire Egyptian people around the Egyptian armed forces in any measures and measures to defend Egyptian national security and protect the homeland. Last year, Egypt celebrated the golden jubilee of the October 6 War in 1973, which It enabled it to end the Israeli occupation of the Sinai Peninsula.