Ukraine may introduce restrictive

trade measures

for Polish goods.

Forbes writes

about this

, referring to an interlocutor in the Ukrainian government.

The authorities are discussing this possibility in response to the blockade of the border by Polish farmers and the Polish government's futile attempts to solve the problem. 

"We would like to avoid this, but we are now at the lowest point, and if this continues, it will have to be done,"

 he said.

Mykola Solskyi

, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

, confirmed that such talks are ongoing in the Council .

"We are in favor of a constructive approach, but of course we will be ready to react. Solsky refused to provide more details. "This is a delicate topic, so there is nothing to comment on yet," 

he explained.

It also became known that on February 16, Solsky held a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture of Poland, Czeslaw Sekerski.

Blockade on the border with Poland - what is known

We remind you that as of the morning of February 17,

blocking of six checkpoints

on the border with Poland continues. Currently, there are about 3,300 freight vehicles in queues on the Polish border side. 

It should be noted that

the complete blockade of the Ukrainian-Polish border,

 which is expected to begin on February 20 and in the framework of which Polish farmers plan to block not only road, but also railway checkpoints, threatens Ukraine with significant financial losses. 

We should add that

the Poles check even humanitarian cargo at the border.

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